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Welcome to Tachograph Consultancy Services

Tachograph Consultancy Services, is a specialised Tachograph analysis firm, associated with the Institute of Tachograph Chart Analysts (I.T.C.A.), primarily supplying fleet managers with regular and concise driver performance information based on individual driver’s vehicle speed management and engine rev control over a diverse range of conditions.

In addition we compile ‘A’ reports. These are microscopic examinations of specific abnormal driving behaviour, ranging from accidents, to general standards of driving, to tampering with the Tachograph and many other scenarios. These reports may be used as legal documents in all levels of court in The Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia and are available on request.

This highly specialised service is designed to aid the transport industry through regular independent monitoring of drivers’ performance. Expert analysis is presented in an ‘lay’ format, ensuring swift, easy and accurate communication between drivers’ and operators.


The benefits of having your Tachograph charts analysed regularly will provide fresh and proactive information about:

  • Driver’s adherence to safe speed control on the open road.
  • Driver’s adherence to safe speed control in built up areas.
  • Improve engine speed control. (i.e. discouraging over-revving).
  • Log sheet cross-referencing can expose unscheduled stops.
  • Driver’s bonus can be based on our reporting.
  • Creating a competitive environment amongst the driver according to our rating system.
  • Monthly and yearly driving performances can be monitored.
  • Negligent and/or reckless driving patterns will become obvious and action can be taken.
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